Projects - Commercial

"Casa Zenth" Showroom
Guadalajara, Jalisco [Completed, 2013]

Sufi Restaurant, Porta Fortuna
Guillermo Michel, Architect
Punta Mita, Nayarit [Completed, 2009]

Bosque Altozano Club House
Célula Arquitectura, Architects
Morelia, Michoacán [Completed, 2009]

"Kyo" Restaurant (Camino Real Hotel)
Shibayama Murakami, Architects
Monterrey, Nuevo León [Completed, 2007]

"María Bonita" Restaurants (Camino Real Hotels)
Uribe Krayer, Interior Design
Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana [Completed, 2006-2007]

Golfers Bar (Guadalajara Country Club)
TRAMA, Architects
Guadalajara, Jalisco [Completed, 2006]

Gandhi Bookstores(Satélite, Madero and Monterrey)
Springall + Lira, Architects
Mexico City, Monterrey [Completed, 2003-2006]

"Amorcito Corazón" Restaurant
Manuel Morales and Javier Rosales, Architects
Guadalajara, Jalisco [Completed, 2004]